This place isn't taking care of itself! These are the people that make everything here come together. Or, y'know, screw it up. Depends on if your name is Tatum or not.


The main web designer for the site, Brandon ensures that the content of everybody else has a place to stay on a cold night.While he is the shortest member of the group, a mixture of intelligence and weight training has ensured that he's not treated as an inferior. He is fanatically loyal to everything he believes in, be it Pepsi or religion. There is only one exception: a die-hard Nintendo fan from as far back as he can remember, he now happily enjoys his life as a PS2 owner. He still loves Nintendo, but he has come to accept PS2 as well. His parent's separation back in 2001 started a steep spiral into insanity, and it isn't often that others know what he's thinking. It's usually something cool, though.

Lord Garvar!

The only one in the group with any artistic talent, Gary does almost all of the animation for the site. Comics, Flash animations, if it's a collection of pixels you can probably credit it to him. Tall, cynical, and all around indifferent, Gary is respected by all for one reason or another. He is the most intelligent, creative, and powerful in the group.Sharing the same satanic lack of morals as his best friend Lang, it's impossible to tell whether he's being honest about something or lying right to your face. Whether he's just being himself, female, or a 35 year old divorced father of one, his sharp wit and sense of humour generally lighten his otherwise heartless persona.

Lord Garvar can be reached at this address:


Matt handles the business sector of the site, under careful watch of intelligent people. He has always been slow, and all of his friends constantly rub it in, because they're his friends. A troublemaker since he was a child, he's always doing something mischievous. Over 10 years ago, he and Lang managed to trap his babysitter in a trailer. While the memory is a little foggy, Lang must have been the one to spearhead the operation, since Tatum has been proven a failure far too many times. Lord Garvar and Tatum were such bad kids, that they were forbidden to be friends by Tatum's father. Luckily, Tatum doesn't like him very much, so it's ok.


Nobody's really sure what Denise does. But if we didn't let her get involved, we probably wouldn't have the fingers to type this up with. She's violent, abusive and short-tempered. However, an inherited laziness has rubbed off onto her from Tatum and it acts like a muzzle. If it didn't exist, neither would we. All that aside, Denise is currently dating Tatum, and I think it's pretty obvious who wears the pants in that relationship.