Here is a list of the more significant characters of the website. This page will be updated (at random) when significant characters appear and stick around.

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Here we have the spotlight-stealer himself.

Twink is a fish with an unsatiable passion for creating new, practical inventions. Though his ideas are often innovative, he lacks one essential trait - intelligence. As a result, his inventions often fail, crumble, crash, implode, explode, demolish, self-destruct, and any other synonym you can think of for botch.

It's everybody's (or at least Twink's) favourite sea turtle!

Doober is a fun-loving and carefree hulk of a turtle. He is a man of few words (because nobody has the patience to hear him out) but when he tries to get his point across, bless him, he tries. Twink's over-eagerness has a tendency to get the best of his rational thought, and when the two are together they are often best described as a couple of nitwits.

Some hobbyists collect bottle caps. Others, trading cards. But if it's big and sharp, you'll get Hex's attention.

Although his sanity is questionable, Hex is employed at Don's Pizzas. His love of sharp weapons was the sole motivation of applying for the job; his premise was "Where there's a kitchen, there's knives." His thirst for blades is accented by his skills in using them, and will at times put on a little show to impress passer-byers on the streets. While many feel threatened by Hex's craze, Twink has always been too stupid to notice and as a result they get along fairly well.

He created the law. He owns the law. He is above the law. Yet he fears the law.

Mayor Snipes is in charge of keeping everything running smoothly, so it's amazing how he can still be in office, directing the lives of those his hard-headed irrationality has thus far failed to kill. He's a bit of an extremist whenever he approaches a topic or task, whether he knows what he is doing or not. He's often a crude and raspy-sounding fellow, and makes those around him uncomfortable or nervous.

He has his own website you know. What was the name of it again?

Okay, so we didn't really create Dr. P. He's a friend of the Twinkfish team whom we like to poke fun of alot, because his website, which launched around the time ours did, did not fare nearly as well. Still, he manages to find a way of appearing in a few comics to cheer on the Twinkfish team like a good sport, and somehow always manages to get screwed around with whenever he does. What a trooper. Actually, Dr. P is now a full-time character, and a respected member - or atleast, he's a member - of the Twinkfish cast.

All robots are homicidal. It's a fact.

Tee-Tee is the product of death threats, time manipulation, and the gruelling, time-consuming, four-panel effort of Twink. Origionally designed to identify and track anyone who might be a terrorist threat, Tee-Tee, like all robots, quickly became homicidal and independant-thinking, and now roams about, doing his own thing.