August 31st, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 12:22 am \\

We updated again, whether or not it was mentioned, and this time, both Lang and I updated. He's gone right now, but he sent me the pages and I uploaded them with the comic. Things're a bit different for this page. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

So that's it. Only one more update before I move.


August 26th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 1:31 pm \\

I managed to drag Lang's attention to the site long enough for him to update the archives page, and stuff. The comic was updated more than 12 hours ago, in case anyone was wondering. But asses to you if you think I'm going to link to it.

I also updated the Rants page, twice, without remembering to say anything about it until now. The two kind of tie in together, and there'll be another followup or two to post when I feel like it. I was really hoping to get some more work done today, but I'm just feeling like shit =(.


August 24th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 6:26 pm \\

Yay, thirty minutes earlier than the expected upload date. And I am finished working!

That means I get an entire week and a half to be lazy before I move! I took a picture of the little troopers I was looking after today with plans to upload it, but because I haven't taken the time to tinker around with my camera settings, the picture came out incredibly blurry, so I guess we're at a loss now. =( But I should start being more productive, and on that note, in two weeks time, I'm pretty sure Lang will be in a productive state as well. Once he's off to University, hopefully there will be less distraction for him, at some point in the day.

So, all I can say, is bear with the unpredictable uploading procedure until two weeks from now. Wednesday, September 7th ought to be a surefire date for things being back to normal, but the couple updates prior to that will be shaky, as he and I are both moving to different cities.

Almost food time, and after that, cutting the bloody lawn. Home free at last.

Home free, my ass.


August 22nd, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 5:49 pm \\

Hi. Food's cooking.



August 21st, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 7:32 pm \\

Erm...Lang isn't exactly dead or anything...I just thought it right to bring that point up seeing as, with regards to the internet, anyone who shows an unexplained absence for an extensive period of time can't be anything but dead. A little narrow-minded, but that just seems to be how things work.

So, expect another 7:00 update tomorrow, I guess. I went golfing today, and on the last hole, there were six of these, I guess they were fifteen-year-old shitheads, trying to "Psyche!" out golfers (during a series of practice swings) wandering around the edge of the course. They never attempted to psyche me out, but the little bastards were getting on my nerves, so I grabbed the six-iron out of my bag and went for the three whom were trailing behind their buddies, ironically asking if they were looking for something.

From a legal perspective, I was lucky they decided to turn tail and leave the course, but damnit, I need to brutally injure someone! Someone who is a disrespectful little shithead, though - I wouldn't want to endanger the life of someone who might someday provide something for society. I'm sure this little town I live in wouldn't miss a future Gas Attendant. Ah, well, it's time to go back to doing nothing, or maybe I oughta start working ahead, since I've got 27 hours of work ahead of me in these next three days.

...Who am I kidding? Diablo II time.


August 19th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 8:07 pm \\

I wonder if Lang remembered to upload and update the comic...Nope, I guess not.

What a day at work today. I came with a head cold, or allergies, or something; suffice to say I felt like shit most of the day. Fortunately, the weather reflected my mood, and it was rainy and thundering outside, so we watched a movie that swore more times in an hour around those kids than I did in the past month. It was supposed to be my last day (again), but lucky me! they want me back for three more days next week.

Which means I'm getting more money for University, since TF isn't doing as good in the financial district as I might have hoped. -LttG

August 17th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 12:48 pm \\

I took my time getting around to uploading this comic, because it's that time of year again to be administering a healthy dose of Diablo II into my system.

Like the flu, which never really goes away, I find a sort of viral addiction in D2 that has been in my system for some four or five years now. In a couple weeks time, I'm sure I'll be bored stiff of the game, but give it another ten months or so, and the replay value of this mindless entity will somehow revitalize itself and hit me again like some sort of yearly epidemic. Almost a year after the game gets old, it becomes new again. How Blizzard created this device in the game is beyond both reasoning and comprehension, but suffice to say I'm glad it's there, to keep me from wasting time on other things, which might also waste money. Something I can always come back to, given enough time.


August 15th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 6:14 pm \\

The comic is now up. I'm pretty sure I'm not working on Wednesday, so it'll likely be posted at midnight but, you never know. Anyway, I've been very short on eating lately, so I think I will partake in the act of consuming sustinence to keep myself alive, so that I may continue to bog you down with inane stuff in the future.


August 14th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 7:29 pm \\

Well, Lang was on some trip or something that he should be back from, but I haven't seen him lately as of yet. So, uh...since I'm working this week, minus Wednesday, you might have a couple of evening updates. Just a heads up, really.


August 11th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 11:47 am \\

Now that I'm sober, I'd like to point out that Lang updated the archives, and I'd like to extend a second birthday wish out to Gibs. I think that just leaves Lang out of adulthood!

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 12:06 am \\

I'm not making the comic page, just a picture file tonight. Lang has the comic as well, so if he's around, he'll update, but I'm not sober enough to try it.


August 9th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 12:01 am \\

Ho, hum...Everyone can have their comic, and ice-creamy taste too, if they want. I haven't got much to say this Wednesday around, but I've found something neat to keep myself busy with when I'm bored. I hope to have enough work on it done to begin testing on Saturday or so. Well, I've already run my checks, so I guess that's all.


August 7th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 7:38 pm \\

As unorthodox as it is for me to be freely advertising other webcomics so that you can see how much better everyone else is at this stuff than us, I can't not bring up this link. I think Underwood will like it. Just for personal refrence, I'm breaking from my reading at Page 75, since I've been reading for about an hour straight. I still have tax forms to fill out, it seems.

For everyone who doesn't check it regularly, you might want to visit Dr. P's news page this week. Lang and I will be filling it with useless garbage while he's away, and you might find a chuckle or two in the mess.

Oh, and I ranted again today, but I don't think it was one of my better ones. I lost interest halfway through.


August 6th, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 2:58 pm \\

Well, I've been up to stuff lately. Lang uploaded and updated the comic yesterday, which I think turned out pretty well considering I was debating whether to actually draw one or not, I finally got around to adding Tee-Tee to the Cast page, seeing as he'll be around, and I have at long last updated the navbar, now complete with a link to my Rants page. Also, I attacked Dr.P's site this morning. That was fun.


August 3rd, 2006

Posted by Lang! // Posted at 12:12 am \\

Hello everyone, long time no see. I know that I've been slacking...alot...but I'm going to try and get things back on track, through the powers of motivation. And some pepsi probably couldn't hurt. The reason for my absence lately? Let's just call it my 'vacation'. Anyways, I've got a few things for tonight's post. First of all, way back on the 20th of July, I obtained my G2! Unfortunately, for various reasons, I almost never have an opportunity to drive. Oh well, I don't mind walking. Also, I have the comic for you that Garvar swore would be late. The reason I haven't done any pages for it? I have no title. Damn Garvar logs off quickly. And for my final announcement, you can find some videos and photos of the legendary Black Mage Cryos in the downloads section. Check them out, because Cryos is quite literally the god of the Final Fantasy I realm, capable of killing Chaos 1 and a half times in one hit. So take a look, or he'll be out for you next. Later everyone!  

August 1st, 2006

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 12:10 am \\

Yar, updating the site. July is now in the History section, where it belongs, and with today brings more comic-y goodness.

I'm working from Tuesday to Friday, nine and a half hours at a pop, so though my updates will continue on Wednesday and Friday, they will probably not be uploaded until 8:00 at night or so. I know Wednesday's will be a late one. I suppose that's all.