November 26th, 2006b

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 8:50 pm \\

November don't leave me; I thought we were friends!

I have had nothing to show for myself in well over a month.

I haven't checked traffic logs, but I get the feeling Twinkfish's old fanbase of 650 readers has dissipated to about 15 people who are extremely bored and unimaginative.

So if you're reading this, go get some ice, because I just made fun of you.

Or rather, you got burned, or some such.

I currently have three comic ideas written up. I am too damned lazy to draw them though. Augh. I'm going to use work as an excuse for my lack of activity around the entirety of the site. I mean, I worked sixty hours last week, so to hell with doing anything other than drinking, Starfox 64, Mario Vodkart, drinking, and Guitar Hero.

I've done enough barrel rolling this weekend.

"Don't worry, once the winter break starts, I'll have spare time!" And I will no doubt spend all of that time playing videogames or being with my family or laughing at/scorning the shithole in which I was raised, and using University as an excuse to look down at everyone I used to know.

My head's in the clouds though. That's still nearly a month away. In the meantime, I think I'll start getting out of shape.