September 19th, 2006b

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 10:54 pm \\

Arr, I be workin' hard at work right now, figured I could spot me a moment for a post, savvy?

Due for an update, and regarding that comic I started like a week and a half ago...I mean, it's close to being done, but there have been two large obstacles in my path.

First off, I acquired Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix on Friday as well as a means to play it, and I clocked 22 hours on it that weekend. A weekend is what, 50 hours?


Also I've started working on Flash animation for the first time in a year or so. I'll try to get this comic done, and then two more I've got lodged in my brain, but no promises because I've got a lot of inspiration for the animation I've got planned.


September 3rd, 2006b

Lord Garvar here. // Posted at 7:02 pm \\

What the fuck, nobody told me we were starting up again!

Oddly enough, however, I do have a comix I drew up yesterday. It may look a little hashed but screw backgrounds for now. Also that x wasn't a typo okay >=( Daemon knows what I'm talking about.

Aaaaanyway, I am supposedly employed and supposedly start work on Thursday - I've been offered this job, references pending, and one of my references is tough to track down. But hooray to $550 a week or so, I'm looking forward to having pocket money as well as my first real taste at a full time job.

I've moved back into Guelph, and my place is nice, as well as big. I'm livin' comfortably, after three hours of building furniture to use. Eugh. Oh well.

I guess I can make an effort to try to deliver somewhat regularly-scheduled comics again, so long as the Doc's willing to revamp this shoddy little site.

Fuckin' h4xopolis...I hit Alt+S to submit this as if it were a forum post...

// Posted at 12:55 am EDT \\
  That officially has to be the shortest month in TwinkFish history. A grand total of one post between the three of us, courtesy of Lord Garvar, has been stored in the August 2006b history section.

Now that university is about to start up, things will be interesting. Lang has completely stopped paying attention, as far as I can tell, since he doesn't do anything, and even dropped out of university. Lord Garvar should be heading into a co-op term, or if things don't work out, maybe a term off? Who knows. I will be taking this term to get accustomed to my new Engineering courses.

Unfortunately, I do not have an comic update for you, that would be Garvar's duty and specialty. Here's to restarting TwinkFish back up again, cheers!